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PGC - Bans

PGC Ban List

PGC has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating in any form.  All cheating and disruption of server functionality will result in a permanent ban from all our servers.  Additionally, we reserve the right to ban anyone for excessive use of profanity, pornographic sprays or communication, racist remarks, or any other behavior that we deem offensive.  If you wish to protest a ban, you may do so by clicking the "Protest a Ban" tab above.

Servers List

MOD OS VAC Hostname Players Map
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Latest Players Blocked Total Stopped: 1169
  Date/Time Name
Blocked Player 02-18-18 21:42 MR. FOZZIE_BEAR
Blocked Player 01-28-18 16:00 Headstriker
Blocked Player 02-03-17 23:26 Enragement child
Blocked Player 11-20-16 09:31 こわい黒人
Blocked Player 08-04-16 13:16 ♥Genocide♥
Blocked Player 06-28-16 18:35 Prototype Ì¿Ì¿Ì¿Ì¿Ì¿Ì¿Ì¿Ì...
Blocked Player 03-29-16 16:37 slaughterhouse5
Blocked Player 03-05-16 10:51 daddy.guess
Blocked Player 01-23-16 18:17 u$a.Campy
Blocked Player 01-20-16 19:43 BaNaNa
Latest Added Bans Total bans: 1419
MOD Date/Time Name Length
MOD 04-15-18 16:49 stop 30 min (E)
MOD 04-12-18 22:51 Night Mare Combat 30 min (E)
MOD 02-18-18 21:37 MR. FOZZIE_BEAR 30 min (E)
MOD 02-18-18 21:28 ruger32 30 min (E)
MOD 02-18-18 21:27 ruger32 30 min (E)
MOD 01-28-18 15:56 Headstriker 30 min (E)
MOD 02-03-17 22:57 no nickname present 30 min (E)
MOD 09-05-16 21:04 OCTAVIO 30 min (E)
MOD 09-05-16 21:02 OCTAVIO 30 min (E)
MOD 06-08-16 17:09 xTcR | Doug [TF-O|ST|PR] Permanent