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Summer Contests

Summer contests have started and they're here to stay. Each week we'll be doing a large contest that lasts 6-7 days. Prizes for these contests will usually be games on Steam worth $15 - $60 USD. We'll also be holding smaller contests randomly during the week. Select admins have been given keys to hand out for completing various tasks. These contests include tasks such as making the MVP list during a single round, making dominations as a medic, etc. All servers are participating in the contests so don't be afraid to server hop! Have fun!

See the current contest details on our ingame contest page or by typing !contest into server chat!

Since the summer is long and our goal is bold, we're likely going to need some suggestions for contests and prizes. Please feel free to message and admin and present your ideas. In addition, our prize pool and paypal account are already being drained from all the excitement. Please donate to the prize pool via a trade offer or to our community to help us keep these things going! Thank you!

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