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PGC Admins

Admins of the Phoenix Gaming Community are here to ensure that the community is given care, cheaters are banned, and that everyone has fun. If you feel like a particular admin isn't living up to these responsibilities, please contact Phoenix_1. All complaints are kept private and anonymous.

How are admins chosen?

We do not allow players to buy administration privileges, nor do we have any formal method of admin application. Instead, we select admins through the following process.

  1. An existing admin privately nominates a player to be voted upon (even the player does not know about his own nomination)
  2. Once a month, or as often as needed, the PGC admins convene to vote on all nominees
  3. If the vote falls in favor of a nominee, the nominee is contacted and asked to join the PGC admin group
  4. If the vote does not favor a nominee, his nomination is dropped but he may be nominated by an existing admin for the next wave of admin voting

PGC selects admins on a need basis. However, if more nominees are voted in than are needed, we do not dismiss them. All nominees who are voted in are offered an admin position.

How can I get an admin to nominate me?

You can't - that defeats the point of our process. Honestly, the best admins are the ones who are unsuspecting of their nomination and treat the position as a solemn responsibility, rather than a badge of honor. If you have a strong desire to be an admin, you're probably a bad choice for the job. We like to select people who are courteous, familiar with in-game mechanics, and get along well with our players. Don't even think about asking to be an admin - that will definitely put you on our blacklist.

What are admins allowed to do?

We're huge fans of transparency. In fact, you can view our entire admin manual if you'd like. Make sure we're doing our job!

Help! There's a cheater on the server but no admins are on!

No worries! Typing 'voteban', 'votekick', or 'votemute' into the server chat will allow you to take action into your own hands. However, you will need three other people to do the same in order to initiate the vote.

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