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Raffle Package

A significant portion of raffle donation proceeds are spent on the Mann Co. Store. Each month, one raffle ticket is selected from the monthly raffle pool and its owner is given all the prizes we have purchased from the Mann Co. store. We only buy items which are considered 'clean' from the store (keys, paint, MVM tickets, etc) and not 'dirty' (hats, weapons, etc). Clean items are worth much, much more on the TF2 trading market than dirty ones.

Winning raffle tickets are selected on the 1st of the month after the month of their purchase. For example, the winning ticket from August's raffle would be selected on September 1st.

Package Contents

  • 1 entry ticket into current month's raffle.

Step Two: Your Steam ID

PGC requires your Steam ID so that we may activate your donation benefits on our servers. Please enter your steam ID in the form below or sign in through steam to automatically retrieve your ID.

ID will auto-fill if you log in

Once we have your Steam ID on record, you may initiate the donation process

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