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General PGC Rules

No Cheating

We say "cheating" because the word "hacking" offers too much credit to the abuser. Most cheaters simply run tools made by others. Even the developers of cheating tools can usually only be considered modders at best. PGC has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating. Anyone caught cheating in any way will be immediately permanently banned without the possibility of protest. Note that the use of some modifications is not considered cheating, such as HUD customizations and model replacement. However, please ensure that whatever modification you are using does not give you an advantage in gameplay over other players.

General Behavior

PGC is a friendly community, though we do understand that a competitive environment has a place for friendly teasing and comic displays of frustration. Please be courteous to other players and make sure that others are enjoying the game.

No Bad Sprays

Do not use pornographic sprays or obscene sprays on PGC servers. Sprays are considered pornographic if they depict any of the following exposed body parts: vagina, penis, anus, and female nipples. Sprays are considered obscene if it is clear that it was developed primarily to invoke disgust from its viewers.

Spawn Camping, Intel Griefing, Playing Music, etc

PGC allows some behavior considered abuse by other game communities, with some restrictions. If all players on the server are comfortable with the activity, you may spawn camp, intel grief, mic spam, etc. However, if any player asks for the behavior to cease, it must.

Heavy Boxing, Sanvdich Parties, etc

Do what you want, but don't come crying to an admin when a lone demoman plasters your sandvich and face to the wall with a stickybomb deluge.


Feel free to offer the occasional trade through chat, as long as you are not annoying the other players. You may be at risk of being gagged or muted if your communication is deemed spammy. Do not send trade invites to people who have not already agreed to trade with you - it's annoying and impolite to do so.

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