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Super Donator

A reserved slot allows you to join a PGC server even if it is currently full. Using a reserved slot does not kick another player from the game. All PGC servers open up an additional slot for those joining with a reserved slot. We don't believe in kicking honest players from our servers. If you do not know how to use a reserved slot instructions are available.

Team balance immunity prevents the autobalance system from selecting you as a candidate for team balances. Usage instructions are available.

Bonus round immunity grants you invulnerability after the end of a game round. You will not be harmed by regular players during that time. Further details are available.

Super Bonus round immunity grants you the ability to kill anyone after round end. You will be able to kill admins, your own teammates, and even the server owner!

Package Contents

  • Reserved Slot (never expires!)
  • Bonus Round Immunity (never expires!)
  • Team Balance immunity (never expires!)
  • Super Bonus Round Immunity (never expires!)

Step Two: Your Steam ID

PGC requires your Steam ID so that we may activate your donation benefits on our servers. Please enter your steam ID in the form below or sign in through steam to automatically retrieve your ID.

ID will auto-fill if you log in

Once we have your Steam ID on record, you may initiate the donation process

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